Monday, March 3, 2014

PG Newsletter Software [64 Bit]

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Version: JAN.2013
Size: 12 mb
Category: Internet|E-mail|Mailinglist
Developer: Pilot Group Ltd
PG Newsletter Software torrentPG Newsletter Software

Torrent Size: 12 mb
Files: 2
Info Hash: a2ed9cbd8f46c6afc4632b7b752fdcbed42104bf
Seeds: 111
Leechers: 82


PG Newsletter Software Newsletter provides a script that can create more and lists.Whether prepare the paper industry, or you need to provide some information for the employees of your company, or you are going to send a few jokes to your friends, wrongly chosen e-mail program may cause the wrong products to the wrong recipients at the wrong time.PG Newsletter Software from the experimental group is a comprehensive software package that contains everything you need to start sending successful newsletters.This system written in PHP and installs on your web server. So, you need to rely on your ISP's mail server. Experiments Newsletter installs fine right out of the box. You do not need to edit any configuration files. Check all through an easy to use web front end.Pilot Newsletter supports plain text as well as HTML messages. You can create and manage templates for repetitive letters. Privatization is another key feature supported by experimental Newsletter. Easily personalized message and integrate data essential customer information. newsletter can be sent immediately or you can schedule for a date in future.Before send a letter to his actual readers, it is strongly recommended that the first test. Simply press the test button on the control panel pilot Newsletter and newsletter will be sent to your address. You will be able to control everything from spelling errors to formatting.There is paper money that use hard-coded administrative links (subscribe / unsubscribe forms and confirmations). Experiments Newsletter allows you to customize all aspects of due process to control your contributions panel.PG Newsletter supports an unlimited number of mailing lists that can be easily managed from the control panel. You can import and export lists of subscribers from the current databases.PG Newsletter also collects several statistics. You can see exactly which users have followed a link in your message.

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